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March 26, 2014

Common Causes of Chronic Knee Pain: A systematic Approach

At the Centen0-Schultz Clinic we utilize a comprehensive approach to patient care.    Our online ORTHO 2.0 discussess a systematic approach to common orthopedic conditions.

Don’t assume that loss of cartilage is the source of all knee pain.

Below is an infographic which outlines the common causes of knee pain.

Tendons:  patellar, distal quadriceps and pes anserine.

Spine:  Lumbar disc disease with compression of L5 and or S1 nerve root.

Peripheral nerves:  compression and or irritation of saphenous and tibial nerves.

Muscles:  Dysfunctional muscles resulting in weakness or imbalance.

Ligaments:  key stabilizers of the knee joint include the ACL, MCL and LCL.

Knee Joint:   medial and lateral meniscus

Bottom Line:  prior to undergoing any treatment ensure that the principal pain generator has been identified to maximize clinical results.





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