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March 25, 2014

ACL Tear Stem Cell Study: Free Care for Those Who Meet Criteria and can Travel

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The Centeno-Schultz Clinic is a research based medical practice that acknowledges the importance of research.

Our publications to date are multiple and easily identified in the U.S. Library of Medicine.

Stem cell therapy is a successful alternative to traditional surgery in the treatment of ACL tears.

Successful cases of ACL repairs have been discussed in prior blogs with comparisons of pre and post MRI’s illustrating the healing afforded by autologous stem cell treatment.

Regenexx currently has an ACL stem cell study which is available for patients that qualify and can travel to our Broomfield clinic.

Full Inclusion criteria is listed on web site and includes:

  1. Physical examination consistent with lax ACL ligament (Anterior Drawer Test)
  2. Abnormal Telos Arthrometer measurement
  3.  Positive diagnostic MR imaging of the affected knee with at least 1/3 of the ACL ligament at any area along its length having high signal on MRI PDFS/Fat Sat images.

Exclusion criteria is also listed and includes:

  1.  A massive ACL tear or one that includes more than 2/3’rds of the ligament that’s retracted.
  2.  Previous surgery to the affected ACL
  3. Concomitant meniscus tear or cartilage injury that occurred at the same time as the as the ACL tear and which is considered a pain generator.

If you or family or friends are interested please contact us at 303 963-9528 or complete the Regenexx candidacy form.





March 17, 2014

Regenexx ACL Procedure Featured in Outside Magazine

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Regenexx ACL procedure is dynamic new technology that enables a patient to use their own stem cells to heal ACL tears.  This procedure was featured in Outside Magazine.

Extreme skier and founder of DPS Ski, Stephan Drake, tore his ACL while skiing a steep face in Alaska.  He rejected surgical repair and opted for Regenexx ACL at the Centeno-Schultz Clinic in Colorado.

Regenexx ACL is a alternative to traditional knee surgery.  Bone marrow derived stem cells are injected under direct visualization into the ACL.  Patients are fitted with knee brace and undergo 4 weeks of physical therapy.

Complications of ACL surgeries have been discussed previously and include graft failure, infection and acceleration of arthritis.

Successful clinical cases with detailed pre and post treatment MRI’s outlining improvement have been presented in previous blogs.

It is a new day in orthopedic medicine with new opportunities.  Not long ago open heart surgery with bypass and coronary grafting was the standard of practice.  Then interventional cardiology with a new skill set including balloon angioplasty became the new standard of care making coronary bypass surgery a less prevalent and less attractive procedure.

April 15, 2013

Successful ACL Repair With Stem Cell Therapy

At the Centeno Schultz Clinic we have previously discussed treatment of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) dysfunction.    Anterior cruciate tears have been successfully treated with stem cell therapy.

Below is another successful case of ACL repair utilizing stem cell therapy.  BT is an 18 y/o college football player who sustained an acute anterior ligament tear.  He declined surgical repair and underwent Regenexx SD with placement of his own stem cells into the ACL in November 2012.  Three months post injection a repeat MRI was performed at the same imaging center.  Below are the pre and post images of the ACL along with the MRI reports.

The ACL in the pre-procedure MRI is irregular and disorganized with a visible tear.  After Regenexx treatment the ACL fibers are uniform and well-organized.  The postprocedure MRI formal report notes “previously described anterior cruciate ligament tear appears to have resolved”.

This corresponds to BT’s clinical presentation who describes no pain or swelling.  Regenexx SD enabled BT to avoid a major surgery and extensive rehabilitation.  A new option is now available for ACL dysfunction.

ACL Stem Cell Regeneration pre

ACL Stem Cell Regeneration Pre 2


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