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November 21, 2011

Knee Injections: The Use of Guidance and It’s Importance

At night I use my headlights to see the road. 

At the Centeno-Schultz Clinic when injecting knees we use MSK ultrasound or x-ray or both.


Because it ensures that the medication, whether it be prolotherapy, PRP or  autologous adult stem cells, gets to the intended target i.e  knee joint, ligament or  torn meniscus.

Is there a chance of failure if guidance is not used?

Yes.   Jackson demonstrated that accurate needle placement into the knee joint space by an orthopedic surgeon varied from 71-93% depending upon the approach utilized.  That means 7-29% of patients had injections into the anterior fat pad or subsynovial tissues where the likelihood of success is limited.

Does MSK ultrasound  guidance make a difference?


In a recent study, Sibbitt demonstrated that the use of ultrasound guidance to inject arthritic knees resulted in a 48% reduction in pain from the procedure, 42% more reduction in knee pain, twice as many patients responded and the treatments  lasted longer.

Bottom Line:  Demand guidance be used on your next knee injection.

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