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March 25, 2013

Regenexx Reviews: Successful Knee Stem Cell treatment for X-country Skier

Knee stem cell treatment is an alternative to traditional knee replacement surgery. The surgical complications associated with traditional knee surgery include:
A 25-31x increase in the risk of heart attack.
Blood clots in the legs or lungs or both
Wear particles.

HA is an active 62 y/o female who declined bilateral knee replacement as she was concerned about her ability to x-country ski.  She underwent Regenexx SD on   11.2012.  Additional therapies included IMS, ACL injection with Regenexx PL and injection of platelets into lumbar spine (Regenxx PL-Disc and Regenexx-DDD).

HA emailed me with updates which she has allowed me to share:

2.20.2013″ I’ve actually skied almost every weekend since early January, gradually increasing the length of time and level of difficulty.   My double knee stem cell procedure was on November 30, and it was my goal to be able to enjoy cross-country skiing again this winter.  I’ve had some minor swelling after a strenuous ski but no pain, and the swelling goes down by the next day”

3.24.2013  “Today’s ski was close to 3 hours of rigorous
skiing, up and down some big hills in NY’s
Adirondack mountains at the Garnet Hill cross-country ski area in North
River, NY.”

Knee stem cell treatment has enabled another patient to avoid surgery and return to their passion.

Struck, Heather March 2013

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