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November 7, 2012

Posterior Knee Pain: Popliteus Tendonitis

At the Centeno–Schultz Clinic we acknowledge that knee pain can be disabling. Knee pain can arise as result of loss of cartilage, ligament instability, meniscus degeneration or tears, bursa inflammation and tendon irritation. Stem cell therapy is a non surgical treatment option for many types of knee pain. At the Centeno –Schultz Clinic other treatment options include IMS, prolotherapy, Regenexx SCP and RegenexxPL.

All knee treatments utilize guidance in the form of MSK US and or x-ray to insure accurate needle placement.

Popliteus tendonitis can be a cause of posterior lateral knee pain.

The popliteus muscle originates from the lateral femoral condyle and the posterior horn of the lateral meniscus. The popliteus tendon runs deep to the LCL and passes through the hiatus to attach to the posterior surface of the tibia.

The popliteus muscle unlocks the knee in the standing or walking position whereby it rotates the tibia inward, pulls the lateral meniscus backwards and flexes the leg upon the thigh.

Popliteus tendonitis is common among runners and typically presents as pain in the posterior aspect of the knee.

Below are images of the popliteus tendon.

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