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February 12, 2012

Professional Athletes Taking Responsibility: Non surgical stem cell treatments

Average NFL career is 3.5 years.  An injury can end or significantly shorten a player’s career.  Surgery can also dramatically limit a player’s career.  Surgery all too often paints a patient into a corner form which they can not successfully rebound given the significant rehabilitation, down time, alternation of simple mechanics of the joint.

Jarvis Green, 2 time Super Bowl defense lineman knew first hand the limitations of surgery and its impact on his game.  After failed knee surgery and return of pain and restriction in range of motion he rejected surgery and opted for stem cell therapy utilizing the Regenexx C and SD procedure.

St Louis Cardinal’s Mark McCormick knows the limitations of surgery and acknowledges stem cells as an alternative to shoulder surgery.

Washington Redskins safety LaRon Landry suffered an Achilles tendon injury and has taken a similar path.   After undergoing team recommended PRP and shock wave therapy  Landry failed to fully recover.  The team  instructed him that” the best thing for me was to get open up and fully cut my Achilles and that’s a tough surgery as it takes a year and a half to heal”.  He rejected the extensive surgery and Redskins elected not to resign the defensive safety.  Ortho 2.0 discusses the importance of looking a stability, alignment and neurological function in treating an injury.

The list of professional athletes electing non-surgical stem cell treatments includes Tiger Woods,  Hines Ward,  Bartolo Colon and continues to grow.

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