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November 30, 2013

Another ACL Tear Successfully Treated With Stem Cells

The Centeno-Schultz Clinic has previously reported on the successful treatment of ACL tears with stem cell therapy.

Stem cell treatments are an alternative to traditional knee surgery.

S.D. is 38 y/o world-class extreme skier who sustained a complete tear of his ACL and declined surgery.  He underwent 5 prolotherapies in Mexico with minor improvement.

drake stephan

On 7.31.2013 S.D. underwent the Regenexx SD procedure where bone marrow derived cells were injected into the torn ACL.  Due to abnormal neurologic examination and history of intermittent lower back pain also underwent Regenexx PL-Disc where concentrated platelet growth factors were injected around the exiting spinal nerve roots and lumbar discs.

On 9.13.2013 S.D. underwent a booster injection with Regenexx cSCP  injected into the ACL under direct x-ray guidance.

A new MRI was recently performed approximately 4 months post stem cell therapy.

The pre and post treatment images are posted below.  The ACL is outlined in yellow.  Note that the ACL fibers are disorganized and loose in the pre treatment images whereas post treatment the ACL fibers are uniform and tightly organized.  This is consistent with his clinical progress as he reports a reduction in pain and increase in stability.  Muscle weakness remains an issue but is improving with MAT techniques.

Drake. ACL pre and post 2013.sagittal

Drake. ACL pre and post 2013.Coronal

Congratulations to SD who declined surgical repair and opted to utilize his own bone marrow stem cells to repair his torn ACL.  Updates to follow as snow continues to fall and the depth of the powder increases.

March 1, 2013

Successful ACL repair with Stem Cell Therapy

Tears of the Anterior Cruciate ligament (ACL) are game changers and often are repaired surgically. Surgical repair is associated with surgical risks and involves signficant rehabilitation and patience.  Stem cell therapy has been successfully used in the repair of ACL tears as previously blogged.

Another successful case is BT who is a 17 y/o collegiate football player who sustained a complete rupture of the ACL in November 2012. He declined surgical repair and underwent Regenexx SD in 11.2012. He is returning to clinic next week but he forwarded the new MRI report which is posted below. It reports repair of the ACL tear 3 months following stem cell therapy.  Stay tuned as I will post images next week.

MRI Report ACL repair

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