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October 2, 2013

Continued Success with ACL Tear Treated with Stem Cells

MM is a 16 y/o athlete who torn her ACL and declined surgical repair.  She opted for Regenexx SD where bone marrow derived stem cells along with platelets are utilized to repair injured tissue.

Regenexx SD has been used successfully in the treatment of ACL tears in other patients.

MM tore her ACL in 2.2013 while playing soccer and underwent stem cell treatment in march 2013.

MRI 3 months post Regenexx SD demonstrated improvement which corresponded with her signficant clinical improvement.

Patient underwent x-ray guided injection of cSCP as a booster in July 2013.

I recently reviewed new knee MRI which is 6 months post stem cell treatment.   It demonstrates continued improvement and healing.  Most importatly there is no ACL tear.  MM is now active and without pain or instability.

Below are the pre, 3 month and 6 month post Regenexx MRI’s.  Note the serial improvement in the ACL fibers which are outlined in yellow.



Most recent MRI report demonstrates no ACL tear.

MM MRI report 2.

Congratulations to MM and her family who embraced stem cell therapy and avoided surgery.

July 2, 2013

Another Successful ACL Tear Treated with Stem Cells

At the Centeno-Schultz Clinic we acknowledge that tears in the ACL can be game changers.  Tears can lead to knee instability, restriction in range in motion, pain, injury to the meniscus and cartilage along with bone bruising.

We have previously blogged on the successful treatment of ACL tears with Regenexx SD, an autologous bone marrow derived stem cell therapy.

MM is our most recent success story.

MM is a 16 y/o national Olympic soccer player who sustained a partial tear of her right ACL when the goalie struck MM’s leg.  Physical examination was signficant positive Lachman.  MRI was signficant tear of the anteriormedial original of ACL, bony contusion on tibia and  a signficant effusion.

Patient declined surgery and opted to stem cell therapy.  She underwent Regenexx SD on 3.26.2013.  Clinically she now notes signficant stability and reduction in pain.

Below are the pre and post MRI’s.

The first images are sagittal.(side view).  On the pre treatment MRI(left) note the disorganized fibers of the ACL which is outlined in yellow are disorganized and difficult to seen. On the right which is 3 months post injection, the ACL fibers are organized, visible and taunt.


The images below are coronal:  frontal.  On the left the ACL fibers are swollen, poorly orgnaized and have tears in some of the fibers.  After treatment the ACL fibers are better organized, less swelling and improved continuity


Congratulations to MM and her family.

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