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July 2, 2013

Another Successful ACL Tear Treated with Stem Cells

At the Centeno-Schultz Clinic we acknowledge that tears in the ACL can be game changers.  Tears can lead to knee instability, restriction in range in motion, pain, injury to the meniscus and cartilage along with bone bruising.

We have previously blogged on the successful treatment of ACL tears with Regenexx SD, an autologous bone marrow derived stem cell therapy.

MM is our most recent success story.

MM is a 16 y/o national Olympic soccer player who sustained a partial tear of her right ACL when the goalie struck MM’s leg.  Physical examination was signficant positive Lachman.  MRI was signficant tear of the anteriormedial original of ACL, bony contusion on tibia and  a signficant effusion.

Patient declined surgery and opted to stem cell therapy.  She underwent Regenexx SD on 3.26.2013.  Clinically she now notes signficant stability and reduction in pain.

Below are the pre and post MRI’s.

The first images are sagittal.(side view).  On the pre treatment MRI(left) note the disorganized fibers of the ACL which is outlined in yellow are disorganized and difficult to seen. On the right which is 3 months post injection, the ACL fibers are organized, visible and taunt.


The images below are coronal:  frontal.  On the left the ACL fibers are swollen, poorly orgnaized and have tears in some of the fibers.  After treatment the ACL fibers are better organized, less swelling and improved continuity


Congratulations to MM and her family.

April 15, 2013

Successful ACL Repair With Stem Cell Therapy

At the Centeno Schultz Clinic we have previously discussed treatment of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) dysfunction.    Anterior cruciate tears have been successfully treated with stem cell therapy.

Below is another successful case of ACL repair utilizing stem cell therapy.  BT is an 18 y/o college football player who sustained an acute anterior ligament tear.  He declined surgical repair and underwent Regenexx SD with placement of his own stem cells into the ACL in November 2012.  Three months post injection a repeat MRI was performed at the same imaging center.  Below are the pre and post images of the ACL along with the MRI reports.

The ACL in the pre-procedure MRI is irregular and disorganized with a visible tear.  After Regenexx treatment the ACL fibers are uniform and well-organized.  The postprocedure MRI formal report notes “previously described anterior cruciate ligament tear appears to have resolved”.

This corresponds to BT’s clinical presentation who describes no pain or swelling.  Regenexx SD enabled BT to avoid a major surgery and extensive rehabilitation.  A new option is now available for ACL dysfunction.

ACL Stem Cell Regeneration pre

ACL Stem Cell Regeneration Pre 2


March 25, 2013

Regenexx Reviews: Successful Knee Stem Cell treatment for X-country Skier

Knee stem cell treatment is an alternative to traditional knee replacement surgery. The surgical complications associated with traditional knee surgery include:
A 25-31x increase in the risk of heart attack.
Blood clots in the legs or lungs or both
Wear particles.

HA is an active 62 y/o female who declined bilateral knee replacement as she was concerned about her ability to x-country ski.  She underwent Regenexx SD on   11.2012.  Additional therapies included IMS, ACL injection with Regenexx PL and injection of platelets into lumbar spine (Regenxx PL-Disc and Regenexx-DDD).

HA emailed me with updates which she has allowed me to share:

2.20.2013″ I’ve actually skied almost every weekend since early January, gradually increasing the length of time and level of difficulty.   My double knee stem cell procedure was on November 30, and it was my goal to be able to enjoy cross-country skiing again this winter.  I’ve had some minor swelling after a strenuous ski but no pain, and the swelling goes down by the next day”

3.24.2013  “Today’s ski was close to 3 hours of rigorous
skiing, up and down some big hills in NY’s
Adirondack mountains at the Garnet Hill cross-country ski area in North
River, NY.”

Knee stem cell treatment has enabled another patient to avoid surgery and return to their passion.

Struck, Heather March 2013

March 1, 2013

Successful ACL repair with Stem Cell Therapy

Tears of the Anterior Cruciate ligament (ACL) are game changers and often are repaired surgically. Surgical repair is associated with surgical risks and involves signficant rehabilitation and patience.  Stem cell therapy has been successfully used in the repair of ACL tears as previously blogged.

Another successful case is BT who is a 17 y/o collegiate football player who sustained a complete rupture of the ACL in November 2012. He declined surgical repair and underwent Regenexx SD in 11.2012. He is returning to clinic next week but he forwarded the new MRI report which is posted below. It reports repair of the ACL tear 3 months following stem cell therapy.  Stay tuned as I will post images next week.

MRI Report ACL repair

January 9, 2013

Posterior Cruciate Injection: Accurate Placement

At the Centeno-Schultz Clinic stability is critical as evidenced in our SANS approach: Stability, Articulation, Neurologic and Symmetry.  Joint stability is essential for optimal clinical outcomes.

Accurate needle placement is equally important and is accomplished through direct visualization either by MSK ultrasound or x-ray or both.

The posterior cruciate ligament is large ligament in the knee that provides restraining force to straight posterior translation of the tibia relative to femur.  It originates from  anterolateral aspect of the medial femoral condyle and attached onto the posterior tibia.
VM is a 32 y/o snowboarder seen in clinic today with knee instability and pain.  MRI was significant for partial tearing of the PCL and swelling at its tibial insertion.

Below is an x-ray image of the PCL injection.   A posterior approach was utilized.  The femoral nerve and vasculature was identified by MSK ultrasound.  Thereafter a 25 gauge need was advanced into the PCL at the tibial attachment.  A small amount of contrast was injected with filling of the PCL.Posterior Cruciate Ligament

Patient hopes to return to riding soon and we are expecting snow this weekend.

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