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November 9, 2011

Lumbar Fusions: Cancer Risk ?

Bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP) are a group of growth factors that induce bone formation.   Surgeons use BMP  in spinal fusions reducing the need to use  a patient’s own bone and the complications and pain associated with bone harvesting.
Rate of lumbar fusion has increased 1500% from  2002 to 2007.
 The use of BMP in spine fusions increased  from 0.69% in 2002 to 24.89% in 2006.
Is it safe?
The use of BMP is associated with higher rate of complications with the primary increase seen in wound related complications.
A Medpage article on FDA approved  BMP used to promote fusion noted an increased  risk of cancer by 4-5X.  Patients who received BMP were four to five times more likely to develop at least one new malignancy.
Stem cell therapy is an alternative to spine surgery.  There are multiple benefits of treating bulging or herniated discs with Regenexx PLFailed back syndrome is one of many known complications associated with spinal surgery.
Clinical success with Regenexx PL for lumbar spine  pain have been previously highlighted.

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