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October 23, 2011

Risk Factors For Knee Replacement

What does the future hold for you and your knee pain?

Knee pain can be disabling and progressive.  The pain can led to restriction in level of activity, reduced exercise, reduced recreation, isolation, weight gain and changes in quality of life.

A recent NIH study examined the prognostic factors indicating risk of future knee replacement in patients with or at high risk for osteoarthritis of the knee .

4796 patients were followed for three years.

Three factors were identified which predicted rapid progression to knee replacement:

-Prior knee surgery

-Pain with active knee flexion

-Knee flexion contracture (inability to fully bend the knee)

Stem cell therapy is an alternative to knee replacement.  Knee surgery is associated with risks.

Bottom line:  keep the knee joint active with full range of motion and avoid surgery.  Stem cell therapy has been successful in the treatment many knee injuries including meniscal tears, loss of cartilage, tendinosis and laxity of ligaments including the ACL(anterior cruciate ligament).

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