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July 10, 2011

Stem Cells Decrease Pain

At the Centeno-Schultz Clinic we have observed a reduction in pain in some patients after  stem cell treatments that can not be explained by tissue regeneration.  Specifically some patients report a reduction in pain weeks to days after treatment with Regenexx SD, Regenexx C and Regenexx PL.  Regeneration of cartilage, bone, and tendon can take weeks to months but many patients reported significant pain reduction in pain  in the first several weeks.   We searched for alternative explanations.

A recent publication has shed some light as it demonstrated a role between pain control and stem cells.

Researchers at  Boston University  currently reported that bone marrow derived mesnechymal stem cells can relieve pain.  The study utilized rats and examined two types of pain:  myofascial and neuropathic.  Cells were injected into  IV or  directly into the injured tissues.  Pain was relieved in rats who received stem cell injections whereas the untreated group suffered pain.

Pain clinics and narcotics in particularly have been demonstrated to poorly control pain.  At the Centeno-Schultz Clinic we utilize  stem cells derived from bone marrow, adipose and blood in the treatment of common orthopedic conditions and disorders of the lumbar, cervical and thoracic spine.

A new chapter in medicine, orthopedics and pain management has started.

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