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July 1, 2011

Spinal Fusion: Confidence Lost

Clincial studies are untaken to determine patient safety and efficiency of a given device.  Studies published in peer-reviewed journals are considered to be free of biasis and conflict of interest.  Such studies can led to the advancement of medicine.

Unfortunately when money is involved the rules may be overlooked or softened. 

 Medpage Today reports that doctors who received millions of dollars from Medtronic systematically failed to reveal serious complications linked to the company’s lucrative back surgery product: Infuse.  Editors of the Spine Journal found systematic failure to report serious complications and found complication rates that were 10-59 times greater than the estimated complications rates revealed in the medical literature.  The 13 papers reviewed in the Spine Journal were co-authored by doctors who received a median of  $12 million to $16 million per study from Medtronic.

Dr. Centeno has previously blogged about Medtronic’s Infuse product and the high rates of male sterility.

The Centeno-Schultz Clinic has extensive experience and expertise in the treatment of lumbar disc disease. Traditional epidural steroid injections have significant side effectsRegenexx PL is an alternative to traditional epidurals and offers a different approach in the treatment lumbar degenerative disc disease. 

Testimonials  and MRI pre and post comparisons have been previously discussed.

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