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January 14, 2011

Arthrogram and Regenerative Therapies

An arthrogram is an x-ray procedure whereby contrast is injected through a needle into  a joint.

Why is this important?

Contrast in the joint confirms that the needle is in the correct place.  If the needle is not appropriately placed, the injected contrast with NOT fill the joint space but rather will fill the adjacent tissue (muscle, ligament and tendon).  Rather than outlining the joint, the injected contrast will look like a blob.

Accurate placement is essential for both diagnostic and therapeutic injections.  If a given joint is suspected to be the source of pain, it is essential that the needle be in the joint and the local anesthetic injected go into the joint and not the adjacent tissue.  The only way to achieve this is with an arthrogram. 

PRP, prolotherapy, adult bone marrow derived stem cells, adipose derived stem cells  have significant healing and regenerative properties.  Accurate placement of the injected therapy is critical for maximal clinical success.  That this why at Centeno-Schultz Clinic injections are guided by either x-ray or ultrasound.

Below is an illustration of an arthorgram of the SI joint.  Filling of the joint with contrast is essential prior to injecting any medication or regenerative therapy.

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