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January 9, 2011

Baker’s Cyst, Knee Pain and New Treatment Options

A Baker’s cyst can cause knee pain. A Baker cyst is swelling caused by fluid from the knee-joint protruding to the back of the knee.

A Baker’s cyst is NOT a  true cyst since the it has communication with the synovial sac.

They are typically arise from degenerative changes or injury to the articular cartilage (arthritis) or meniscus.  At the Centeno-Schultz Clinic we believe that baker’s Cysts are simply a barometer of the health of the knee-joint.  In a healthy knee there are absent whereas with injury and degenerative changes they are common.

Baker’s cysts arise between the tendons of the medial head of the gastrocnemiusand the  semimembranosus muscle.

Treatment options include rest, drainage, cortisone injection, ice packs and surgery.

Treatment of a Baker’s cyst at the Centeno- Schultz Clinic with prolotherapy has been published.

The recent introduction of ultrasound guided prolotherapy will optimize clinically results in the non-surgical treatment of Baker’s cysts.

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