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January 5, 2009

Torn Tendon in Foot

Torn foot tendons are a common injury.

Torn foot tendons typically involves one of three tendons: the Achilles’ tendon, posterior tibial tendon, or peroneal tendon.

The peroneal tendon is located on the outer side of the ankle and functions to stabilize the ankle.

The peroneal tendon and muscle pass together through a groove in the outside ankle bone (lateral malleolus). Contraction of the peroneal tendon and muscle results in the foot pointing downward and outward.
Injury to the peroneal tendon typically occurs as a result of a previous ankle sprain.
Patients often complain of pain along the course of the peroneal tendon. They may also complain of snapping or popping on the outer edge of the ankle


Evaluation includes x-rays to exclude fracture. An MRI will demonstrate if a tear in a foot tendon is present.

If a torn peroneal tendon is noted, surgery is often recommended. The surgery involves an incision through which the tendon and muscles are manipulated to allow for the ‘repair’ to be accomplished. This involves the inherent risks of surgery and anesthesia along with a lengthy and painful rehabilitation.


Regenexx affords patients an alternative to surgery for torn tendons in foot. Utilizing your own stem cells a torn peroneal tendon or muscle can be regenerated. There is no need for surgery or anesthesia since this is a simple needle in, needle out procedure.

Please review this video to learn more about the success of Regenexx stem cell therapy for a torn tendon or ligament.

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